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"Taking a Full-Spectrum capsule at night helps me get a solid night's rest and enables me to "rise and shine" the next day without grogginess. I use the full-spectrum salve throughout the day to ease muscle spasms, aches and pains. The salve penetrates quickly and provides soothing relief from dry skin issues.


"I am amazed at the healing properties of the cannabis plant! I'm so thankful that the folks at Kannacopia bring us products that you can trust - in an atmosphere where you can relax and learn...and leave feeling hopeful. I love that the staff keep us up to date and in touch with all the good things that are happening - with the advancements that are being made and with the intriguing scientific discoveries being found about the health benefits available with CBD and THC..." - Sue, who uses cannabis frequently to help with her muscle spasms, lower back pain, shoulder pain, and dry uncomfortable-feeling skin.

"Unbelievable!!!! I feel better than I have in 7 years. Relaxed, energetic, and focused. I can't think you guys enough." - Patient in Farmington, ME, using ACDC capsules for seizures.

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